List of Blacks in Fairfax County, VA, 1866-1869
Based on Personal Property Tax Ledgers
Debbie Robison
January 2, 2017
The following chart is an extract from personal property tax ledgers of the number of black men age 21 years or older living in each African American household in Fairfax County, Virginia by year. The first year that former slaves were included on the Fairfax County Personal Property Tax ledger was 1866. Additional information available on the ledger includes the number and value of personal property items such as horses, cattle, watches, etc.

While some of the men listed on the chart may have lived in Fairfax for a number of years and were added to the tax ledger when they reached 21 years old, most of the additions to the chart are due to men moving into the county. A large increase in the number of men included on the tax ledger for Fairfax County occured in 1868 and 1869. The men who moved to Fairfax County might be listed in other Virginia counties for 1866 and 1867; therefore, it may be possible to determine where these men lived previously.

In 1869, the tax ledger noted where the men resided, where they were employed, or the name of their employer. This category was included on the 1868 form, but was not completed by the Fairfax County Commissioner of Revenue.

Prior to the formation of townships in 1870 when Virginia re-entered the Union, Fairfax County was divided into a Northern District and Southern District for tax purposes.

NOTE: You cannot assume that a row in the chart pertains to the same man, only that a man with that name was taxed that year.


Northern District
Name of Person 1866 1867 1868 1869 1869 Location
Shedrick Anderson111
Simon Alexander1111Maj Williams'
William Ashton1111Langley
George Adams111Near Seminary
William Ashland11
William Ashton11
William Ashton Jr1
John Alexander111J. N. Roger's
James Alexander11
Armestead Ashton11
John Alexander11Falls Church
John Alexander Jr1
Kinny Ashton1
Frank Ashley1
George Anderson11Near C House
Lewis Albery1
William Austin1
John Anderson11Langley
William Henry Allison1Vienna
Henry Ambris1John Doherty's
Walter Ashton1Langley
Wallace Ashton1above Herndon
Samuel Bradford11
Edmond Brown111above Herndon
Edward Ball11
Isaiah Bonner (Barner)1111John Crocker's
William Brown111
William Blackwell1111John Crocker's
Thomas Blackwell111
Thomas Bracoon111
Newton Ball1111
Stephen Bowman1111J. Gray's
Frank (Franklin) Branch1111Mrs Newton's
Joseph Brooks111
Mahlon Banyon11
Wyatt Brown11
John Butler1111G. Auld's
Simas (Timers)Bailey111
William Buckner (Buckney)111
Henry Beverly111J. Crocker's
James Brooks111Wm Ball's
Andrew Bryce (Brice)111George Walter's
Nathan Briggs11
Frank Brown11
Charles Berkley (Burkley)11
Lewis Baltimore1
John Brown1111Thornton's Station
Samuel Bowman111Mrs Jones' farm
Henry Burnett111
Henry Butler1111Mason's Hill
Henry Butler Jr11
John Butler11
James Brooks111
Soloman Burrels (Burles)111A. Willcoxon's
Henry Brooks11
Franklin Banks1
Washington Baily11A. Peacock's
Gustavus Burke1
Dennis Berry11C. H. Bramhall's
Richard Bonner (Barner)11Mary A Reid's
Jerry Banks1
Jesse Bush1
Henry Banks11Barcroft's Mill
William Botts11B Higgs'
John Butts1
Robert Burns1
James Boswell1
William Broadus1
William Burke11above Langley
George Brown11Near Herndon
Reubin Bevrley (Burley)11James Welch's
Frederick Brooks1
Madon Brown1
Joseph Burke1
John Baugus (Burges)11John Cockille's
Eli Blackwell11Levi Parker's
Maddison Brooks1
Henry (Harry) Bush11Charles Fortney's
Lewis Belle (Bell)11Langley
George Brice11Falls Church
George Bland11Falls Church
Isaac L Bonner1
Nelson Brice1
Austin Berkley1
Samuel Bird Jr1
Ludwell Brown1
Anthony Burrell1
Samuel Broan1
Trim Banks1
Lewis Beverly11G. S. Gunnell's
Lott (Lot) Buckland (Bucklam)11above Lewinsville
Samuel Berd1
Samuel Burt1B. F. Shreeve's
Tecamse Brent1
Benjamin Brent1
George Bowman11Herndon
Denis Butler1
Henry Brice1
George J Brown1
John Branham1
Morler Brown Jr1
George Bland1
Thomas Brooke1
Nutt Brown1
Samuel Brown1
John Brown11Robert Cunningham's
David Bailey1Mrs F Fitzhugh's
Stephen Bailey1Mrs F Fitzhugh's
Thomas Brooks1C. W. Turley's
Edward Brooks1M. A. Cummings'
John Brown1C. H. Bramhall's
Abraham Burnley1Seminary
Jackson Bryan1William Cleveland's
Joshua Ball1R. Chichester's
Milo Brown1Fothin's land
Mac Brown1Fothin's land
Creed Bland1William Cockerille's
John Banyon1Mason's Hill
Taylor Butler1Mason's Hill
Isaah Birch1Springvale
Mark Baker1M O'Brien's
Joseph Brown1Lee's tollgate
William Botts1D G Watkin's
John Brown1Rs Cunningham's
Robert Castom1
Robert Corbin111High School
Jesse Clarke (Clark)1111F. Harrison's
Robert Clemings (Clemons)111
Gus Carter1111Vienna & Langley road
Robert Carter111
Robert Carter & son2Near Vienna
Robert Corbin1
Charles Curchurn (Churchwood)11
Robert Coston (Castom)(Casten)111
Cato Cooper111
Nelson Corbin1111Seminary
Edmond Cary (Carey)111
Thomas Collins11T. Gaskins
Cyrus Carter11John Crocker's
Frederick Cook11C. J. Gilbert's
John Corbill1
Aaron Cole1
Richard Cosby11Mason's Hill
John Carter11Freedom Hill
James Coats11At Wrenn's
Alfred Carter11Freedom Hill
John T Chinn1
Eunac (Enock) Carter11Wm Beers'
Stephen Cross11Seminary
Robert Cory1
Moses Corbin1
Jacob Cary1
Samuel Clemons1
George Carmul1
Alfred N Carter1
Augustin Carter1
Spindle Collins11William Arnold's
William Campbell1
James Commander1
William H Carpenter1
Alfred Carter11M. D. Ball's land
John Clarke1
John Curray1
Lewis Carter1R. Porter's
Henry Clay1Swink's farm
Lee Currey1Sandford Gorham's
Jordon Carter1Vienna
William Caotwright1Vienna
Jesse Champe1George Auld's
Lee Curtis1Follin's land
Jeff Carter1J. McGarrity's
John Currey1Mason's Hill
Wyatt N Carter1Bailey's X Roads
George Carle1Falls Church
Albiet Cloyd1M. D. Ball's land
John Colts1McGhee's farm
Charles Colts1McGhee's farm
John Carter1Near John Adams
Henry Carter1Near Herndon
Milford Diggs111
Lorenzo Dow (Dowe)111
Reid Dobson1111Mrs Jones' farm
Dennis Dooling1
Daniel Dackinson1
David Duncan111
Dennis Dulin11
Daniel Darkinson11
David Dunear1
Charles Dobson111Freedom Hill
Isaac Daniels111Follin's Land
Robert (Burt) Dobson111Richard Follin's
George Dorrel1
William Day11
John Dailey11
Jonathan Dobson111
Henry Denny11
Whitely Dixon1
Daniel Dorcus1
Thomas Day11Shuter's Hill
Stephen Dolly1
Nimrod Dixon11D McC Chichester's
Richard Dennis11A. C. Tolson's
Levi Dorsey11William Rall's
Henry Dixon1
George Deny1
James Derrick1
Lewis Dudley11J. Crocker's
Reuben Dickins1
Edward Dillard1
Nathan Dixon11Seminary
Jackson Dorcus1
Abraham Davis11George W. Williams'
William Dixon1
Steptoe Dalby1W J Reid's
David Day1Seminary
Isaac Denting1John Adams'
Frank Dell1L. P. Dennison's
Richard Dent1A. Gardiner's
Nick Dorsey1T. J. Peacock's
Jackson Dixon1Mary C. Sanders'
Levi Dorsey1Sandford Robinson's
David Dorsell1E. O. Powell's
A Davis1O. R. Hunt's
Augustine Dobson1Near Langley
Isreal Denton1Freedom Hill
John Dickson1C. L. Stewart's
Charles Dean1Swink's farm
Charles Dade1J. P. Barlow's
Austin Dusette1C. H. Bramhall's
William Edwards1111John Crocker's
Adam Everhart11
Henry Eskridge11
Weldon Edwards11near Seminary
John E Elkins1
John Elkins1near Springvale
John Ellett1
Nathen Edmonds1
William Edmunds1P. H. Hoogg's land
Edward Edmunds1George White's
Milton Edmunds1John Crocker's
Samuel Eskins1Near Fort Massie
Thomas Fox11Joseph Brown's
William Foote111Falls Church
John Frontroyal11
James Ferguson1111C. House
Samuel Ferguson11
David Fraxious1
James Fields1111A. L. & H R. Road
Green (Greene) Farr (Griene Faro)1111Langley
Gawin Farr1near Falls Church
James Fox1111Near Langley
William Ford1111Farnsworth's farm
James Ford1111Near Langley
Charles Frinks111
Oscar Ford11Near Fort Massie
Richard Flynn11Near Seminary
Peter Fox11Near Langley
Kendrick French1
Frank Foot (Foote)11Falls Church
Joseph Ford11
Joseph Ford Jr11Falls Church
William Fanly1
Gibon (Gibson) Fitzhugh11Stalcup's farm
Frederick Foote11Mrs Fitzhugh's
Thomas Fainy (Finney)11Mrs A Gooding's
John Fox1
Peter Fox Jr1
F F Foote1
James Faulkner1
Lewis Ferguson11Great Falls
Nelson Fisher11A. L. & H R. Road
David Fracious1
Isaac Ford1J. E. Murray's
Peter Forcett1J. G. Smoot's
Aaron Fields1John Rowzie's
James Fortner1B. Clock's
James Frizzle1Thornton's Station
William Ford1A. L. & H. R. road
James Fortney1Springvale
Robert Gunnell1111Langley
Lewis Goings111
Charles Gaskins1111Falls Church
William Grayson111
Pleasant Green (Greene)1111Near Seminary
Warner Garner1111High School
John H Green (Greene)11
John Greene1Falls Church
John Greene1Near Seminary
George Green (Greene)111Langley
George Green Jr1
George Greene1John Crocker's
Daniel Green (Greene)1111pringvale
Jerre (Jerry) Glascoe11
Isaac Gordon111Langley
Thomas Garner1
Walter Griffin11Langley
Willis Gaskins11Arthur Gunnell's
Thomas Green1
Peter Gibson11Falls Church
George Grigsby1
Andrew Gains (Gaines)11Mason's Hill
Henry Generals1
Nathan (Nathaniel) Gaskins11Mrs Jone's farm
Alfred Gibson1
William G Gray1
William Gray1Langley
Peter Gillam1
Scott Gibson1Thornton's farm
Stanfield Gaskins1E Fitzhugh's Shop
Joseph Gillian1R. Criukshank's
Rezin Generals1Fort Massie
Thomas Goings1E. W. Birch's
Henry Gibson1John Seybold's
Aaron Gibson1West End
A A Gaines1Falls Church
Horace Gibson1W H Goodings
Lewis Goings1T. J. Carter's
Albert Garner1Walker's Mill
William Honesty1111A. Leigh's
Seaton Harris111
William Harper1111Vienna
Henry Harrison111
Albert Henderson1111Near Old C. House
Albert Harris111Langley
Henry Handy11
George Hughs11
Edward Harris11
Charles Harris111Wesley Hall's
Charles W Harris1
Charles Hunter11
William Hamilton11
Sandy Hooge1
Edmund Hill1
William Henry1
John Hackley11West End
Joseph Helm11West End
Tobias Holman1
John Harris1
Washington Hunter11Vancluse
Simon Harold1
Samuel Hidge1
Thomas Harrison1
Charles Headley1
Thomas Harris11Falls Church
Robert Holland1
Peter Hutchison1
John Hansborough1
William Hall1
William H Hall1Robert Parker's
Richard Hall11Sarah Smith's land
Henry Harper1
James Hunter1
Flemming Hurney (Haney)11Thornton's Mill
Richard Humphreys1
William Hatcher11F. Sherman's
Jerry Hamilton1
Courtney Honesty1
Charles Honesty1
William Haystock1
William Haislock1Fort Massie
Simon Harris1Fort Ward
James Hinchley1A. G. Gardiner's
Lumsley Hall1
Philip Harper1Jere: Moore's
Henry Harris1Fort Massie
William Harris1Fort Massie
Jefferson Harris1Fort Massie
Joseph Hill1
Charles Hill1Thornton's Mill
Thomas Harris1T. S. Wrenn's
Thomas M Harris1Falls Church
Robert J Hall1Langley
Rufus Hughes1Freedom Hill
George Honesty1John Powell's
Simon Harrison1E. McNerhany's
Dennis Johnson1111above Centreville
John Jackson1111E. C. Fitzhugh's
John W Jackson1
George Johnson11
Temple Jackson1111Thornton's Mill
Fleming Johnson1111Lewinsville
Fleming Johnston1Lewinsville
Oscar Jackson111
Joseph Jackson111
Elias Jamieson1111West End
Samuel Jones111
James Jones1111Mrs Jane Jackson's
William Jackson111
Emanuel Jackson1111Ball's land
James Jones Jr11
Tecumseh Jackson111
Rezin Jennings11
Samuel Johnson11
Mack Jackson11
Jacob Jackson111Charles Lee's
Charles Jackson11
Dallas Jackson111O. R. Huntt's
Frank Johnson11
Charles Johnson111Falls Church
David Johnson11Joseph Birch's
Ephraim Johnson1
Emanuel Johnson1
Thomas Johnson1
Alexander Jackson1
Henry Johnson1
Alfred Johnson1
Moses Jackson11G. Auld's
Joseph Jona1
Ennis Jackson1
John Johnson1
Alfred Jackson11Anthony Harding's
Cesear Julius11Mason's Hill
James Jackson11Seminary
Joseph Jinicks1
John Jackson11
Albert Johnson1
David Jones11West End
Frank Johnson1
Henry Johnson1
Joseph Johnson1
Lewis Jackson1Dranesville
Andrew Jackson1Mason's Hill
William Johnson1M. O'Brien's
James Jackson1High School
Moses Jones1B. F. Shreeve's
John Jones1William Tucker's
Walker Jones1
Manly Johnson1J. P. Barlow's
Albert Johnston1Thornton's Mill
Jerry Johnson1William Walter's
Silas Johnston1John Rowzies
Tenley Jannings1Great Falls
Andrew Jackson1Thornton's Mill
Andrew Jackson Jr1Thornton's Mill
Lorenzo Johnson1C House
Frank Johnston1Charles Binn's
George Johnston1Swink's farm
Alfred Johnston1Sewell's farm
William Jones1Sewell's farm
Henry Jackson1D H Barrett's
Anse Jones1F. J. Carper's
Samuel Johnson1W. Mackall's
James Jackson1E. C. Fitzhugh's
Mack Kelly (Kelley)11Besley's Mill
Hiram Kinmer (Huron Kinner)11Lincoln Village
Henry Clock1Henry McGhee's
James Kerford1R Sherwood's
Joseph H Lewis1
William Lucas111John Mulholland's
Henry Lucas1
Henry Lucas Jr1
Andrew Lee111
Stephen Lee111Langley
Henry Lewis1
Williamm Lincoln111
William Lewis1111D. S. Gordon's
Watkins Lee111
Jerry Lynch111
George Lewis111
James Lane (Layne)111
William Lane (Layne)111
William Lee1111J Crocker's land
Harry Lewis11
John Luckett11
Beverly Limins1
Charles Lee11Falls Church
Henry Lyles1
Spencer Lee1
James Lee11Falls Church
Mack Lenis1
Stephen Lenis1
Dennis Lee1
John Linis1
George Luckitt1
Benjamin Lewis11Falls Church
Joney Lynch1
Henry Lymus1
Lawrence Lucus1
Philip Lucit (Luckett)11E. Galphin's
George Lane1
Thomas Lee1
John J Lewis1
William Lucus Jr1
Stephen Lee Jr1
James H Lewis1
Henry Luckit1
Alfred Lewis1Vanderwerken's
Henry and John Lewis2Rumsey's land
Thomas Leak1Thornton's Mill
James Lever1
Thomas Lockery1Alex Haight's
Stephen Lewis1George Williams
Anthony Lewis1West End
Garrett Lewis1Thornton's Mill
Alexander McGraw (Magraw)111
John Monroe1111J. P. Barlow's
Titus Milliner1111Going's tollgate
John H Mason111
Edward Minor111
Joseph Mannell (Manel)111
Alfred Moore111
Henry Moore111
William Moore111
Wallace Moore1
John Mason111
John Middleton111C House
Frank Morton11John Crocker's
Thomas Marshall11
Edward Minor Jr11
Joseph Moore11
W H Middleton1
Walter Middleton1Falls Church
William Massey11Fort Ward
Michael Minor1
Anthony Maze1
William Minor1
Henry Meyer1
Robert Mickens1
Peter Mills11F. M. Fitzhugh's
Daniel Monroe11J. F. Dyer's
Royal Moloney1
Allenzo (Alonzo) Massey11E Galpin's
Samuel Mathern1
Jesse Middentree1
William Monroe11J. P. Barlow's
Charles Murray11C. L. Stuart's
Edward Massey11Amanda Gooding's
John Miller1
Smith Mason1E. C. Reid's
Stafford Moorney1Mrs LeFevre's
Patton Mills1Mrs Gale's
Richard Miller1S T Lucket's
Henry Miles1Margaret Connor's
John Miller1Mrs. McGuire's
Edward Moseley1John Crocker's
William Madden1West End
Henry Malvern1Lee's tollgate
James Moore1Blacksmith
Wallace Moore1Blacksmith
Alfred Moore1Blacksmith
Smith Mason1W. J. Reid's
William Mills1Mrs Jones' farm
John McPherson1G Whaley's
Henry Nickens1111Sandford Gorham's
Isham Newman111
Thomas Nelson111C House
Abner Newman111John Wrenn's
John Newman111John Wrenn's
Henry Newman1
William Nutt11Mason's Hill
Benjamin Newton11Falls Church
Joseph Neil (Neale)11Mr Reynolds
Richard Nelson1Mason's Hill
James Nickens1Chantilly
Hezekiah Nickens1Chantilly
Aaron Newell1Fort Massie
John Nugent1Mrs Dushane's
Robert Nickens1West End
Alfred Odrick11Col Gunnel's
Willis Orrick1
Richard Odrick1M D Ball's land
Lee Pierson (Pearson)111
Levi Pearson1E. O. Powell's
James Page111
Abraham Pieres (Preace)(Pearce)111
William Perry1111Falls Church
Leroyal (LeRoy) Philips1111Vancluse
Thomas Payne11
Samuel Payne11
Henry Pierson (Pearson)11
Henry Parker111Sayre's farm
Washington Pratt1
Charles Pearson11Fort Massie
Gile Paynes1
Willoughby Payne1
Willoughby W Payne1
Griffin Parks1
William Page1
Richard Pearson11E. O. Powell's
William Pattiner1
William Patterson1Langley
Ger Pollard1
John Pickett1
John P Pinckart1Mason's Hill
Richard Payne11Langley
Benedick Pierson1
Isaac Peyton1
John Parks1A. E. Alford's land
Armistead Peyton1Nancy Wooster's
Emanuel Pine1West End
Sandy Pearson1Mansen's farm
Robert Parker1J Crocker's
Moses Parker1W H Gooding's
George Payne1M. C. Munson's
Armistead Pearson1P Cunningham's
John Perkins1Fort Ward
James Pearson1C House
William Perkins1A. L. & H R.R.
Adam Quander1
Frank Quinn1
Stephen Runner11
John Ross111
Miner Roy111
Sanford Robinson11
Fielder Robinson11
Fielder Robertson1
Jacks (Jack) Roe111C House
John Rasfrus (Raspus)11
Jacob Ransle11
John Roe (Rowe)11
John Roles1Near C House
Lewis Roe (Rowe)111Langley
Scott Robinson1
Scott Roberson1
Frederick Russ11Fort Massie
Frederick Rusk1Lee's tollgate
Frederick Ross11Lee's tollgate
Silas Richards1
Daniel Richards11Falls Church
Thomas Robey1
James Robertson11S. Robertson's
Wormley Richardson1
Nimrod Roberson1
Caleb C. Roy11Munson's
Jacob Roan1
John Roberson1
John Robertson1Throckmorton's
John J Robertson1Fort Massie
William Ren1
Moses Riley11Benjamin Brady's
Benjamin Reynolds1
George M Reach1
George A Runnells1
George Rummels1Falls Church
Edward Rankins (Raukin)11Coon's farm
John R Rankins (Raukin)11Coon's farm
Charles Roberts1
Baker Roberson1
Nat Rose1
Samuel Rapliss1
Spencer Roy1William Urich's
John Rogers1Near Seminary
George Ransill1D McC Chichester's
Cassius Rector1D. Barrett's
Thomas Simms1
Eli Simpson1
Ferdinand Seals1111
James B Shaw111
Dennis Seals (Seale)111
John Eli Seals (Seale)111
Edward Smith111
Samuel Sharper1111Young's tollgate
John Stewart111
Thomas W Sinkfield (Sicfield)111J. J. Love's land
Burditt Stewart111
Fenton Summers1111Mason's Hill
Lewis Shorts111Near Seminary
Herod Simms (Harad Simon)111
Burr Shorts1111Near Seminary
John Smith1111
Morris Scott111
Lewis Sipian (Sippian)(Scipio)111Throckmorton's
Frank Stewart111
Charles Scott111
George Scott11
Cyrus Scott1
John Smith1
Travers Sorrel11
Jack Smith11
James Seale1
Thomas Sillson1
Charles Smith1
Sandy Scott11Mason's Hill
Mitton (Milton) Shepherd11George H Terrett's
Moses Smith1
Henry Summers11M. D. Ball's land
Benjamin Short (Shorts)11Near Seminary
John Strother11Mrs Newton's
William Smith11Dranesville
Samuel Summers1
William H Stuart11
William Henry Stuart1Mrs Newton's
Wilson Short1
Jerry Smith11J. B. Bowman's
Abraham Scott11Sewell's farm
James J Seares1
Moses Stewart1
Isaac Summer (Summers)11Langley
Wearton Simpson1
W S Simpson1A. Willcoxen's
Watson Shelton1
Henry Stuart11James Davis' Store
Spencer Seale1
Henry Simms11Herndon
Philip Scott1
Joseph Strooher1
George Stafford1
James M Seals1
James W Seals1N C Hunter's
Lewis Sipec1
Thomas Singfield1
Silas Scott1
John Smith1
Fenton Smmmers1
John Smith1
Anthony Stephens1
Robert Scott1Robert Cunningham's
Andrew Smith1Bailey's X Roads
John Scott1Mason's Hill
Thomas Stewart1Vienna
Henry Smith1Fred Foot's
John Samuels1Nelson's land
Lewis Simms1Capt Bixler's
Brown Sheppard1Cloud's Mill
Thornton Smith1West End
John Strander1Mrs Newton's
Nelson Shipp1Sewell's farm
Abraham Scott1Sewell's farm
Edward Shorter1J. Toneyson's
Joseph Speaks1John Payne's
Albert Stanley1J. Gray's
Wesley Starkes1O. R. Huntt's
Simon Soudon1Benjamin Higgs'
William Shelton1John Rowzie's
Thomas Stuart1Vienna
Abraham Smith1Thornton's Mill
Albert Stuart1Seminary
G H Smith1
Edward Strother1W D Sheppard's
Charles Taylor111Thornton's Mill
Lewis Taylor111Freedom Hill
James Taylor11Falls Church
James Twyman111
Alfred Thornton1111G. W. Gunnill's
Lewis Thomas111
Richard Thomas1111J Crocker's
Leman Tebbs (Tibbs)11
John Travers (Traverce)111
Lewis Turner111
Reuben Tyler1111Mrs Newton's
John Tinner1111Falls Church
John Tinner Jr1Falls Church
Turner Toler (Toller)111
William Taylor11
Richard (Dick) Turner11
David Thompson11Langley
James Tate11
Lewis Turner Jr11
William Tucker11
Isaac Taylor11A. Gunnell's
Andrew Tilman1
Nat Thompson1
William Turner1
Edward Taylor1
Joseph Turell1
Joseph & Philip Terrell2Seminary
Moses Taylor1
John Taylor1
Charles Thompson1
Morton Thompson1
Philip Terrell1
Joseph Thompson1
Sandy Treeman1
W H Turner1
Abraham Taylor11Lewinsville
Wilson Turner11Mrs Jane Jackson's
Edward Thompson1
Edmund Thompson1Near Vienna
Richard Thompson1
Yancey Thompson1
Ruben Thornton1
Charles Thornton1
Robert Timms1
Alexander Tilman (Tillman)11J B Whiting's
Nelson Turner1
Cyrus Timus1
Fentain Tolirer1
Charles H Tymus1
Willis Tiller1
Charles Tommins1
Simon Tibbs1
Willis Thompson1Falls Church
George Thompson1Langley
John Tippen1Langley
William Thompson1John Rowzie's
French Thompson1John Rowzie's
Clinton Thomas1J. Kolb's
William Thomas1Seth Osburn's
George Thomas1L. Lloyd's
Alfred Thomas1Freedom Hill
Charles Tinner1Falls Church
Willis Thomas1Fred Foote's
Charles Taylor1Mills' X Roads
Edmund Taylor1Mason's Hill
Bazil Turner1A. L. & H. R. R.
Gilas Tinen1J. M. Follin's
Henry Valentine1111West End
Thomas Williams11
Richard Watson111
Robert Wyatt111
John Williams1111Mrs F Fitzhugh's
James Williams111
Abraham Walker111
Armistead Wesley11
Webster Wilson111
George Worthington111
Wallace Wonder111
George Williams11
Thomas Webb111
Armistead Wesley111J Crocker's
Armistead Weslty Jr1
Albert Walker1
Lewis Williams11
William Wilson11
Frank Walker111O. R. Huntt's
John Williams111R A Walker's
Daniel West11
Burr Watson11
Newton Walker11
Powell Wilson11
Samual Williams1
Thornton Waters1
Carter White1
John Wheeler11Mason's Hill
Henry Wesley1
Pettir (Peter) Watts11Falls Church
Benjamin Wayne (Waynes)11Martha Gunnell's
Alfred White1
Robert Wooden1
Fielder Wilson1
Thomas Williams11Vienna
George Williams1
Henry Williams11Bailey X Roads
John Wanzer1
Burnett Williams1
Solomon Wing1
Andrew Ward1
Oscar Washington1
Charles Washington1
Henry Williams Jr1
William Webster1
Lewis Warner1
Joshua Washington1
Thomas West11Vienna
Franklin Weaver1
David Webster1
James Weeks1
Benjamin Williams1
John Walker1
Thompson Warner11Ambrose Cock's
Reuben Winshaw1
Doctor Willis1
Addison Waldron11Langley
James Whiting1
George Williams11N Fitzhugh's
John Wigginton1
Rezen (Rezin) Williams11L. V. Ballon's
Albert Waldron1
John Williams11T. J. Carper's
Philip Wheeler1
Powell Wilson11A. Stephenson's
John Walkins1
James Whaler1
William B Watson1Follin's farm
Lewis Walker1George Walter's
Wilson Webster1Lewis Griffith's
David Wiley1M. Shipman's
Isaac White1Mrs Gales'
James Whales1Mrs Trott's
Montella Willis1Langley
William Williams1M D Ball's land
James Williams1T. J. Carper's
Thomas Whiting1C House
John Wanza1Fort Ward
Benjamin Waynes1Martha Gunnells
Joshua Williams1R H Reid's
Robert Williams1W H Gooding's
Wesley Whiting1
Benjamin Wade1
Henry (Harry) Young111
John Young111
Stephen Young1
Southern District
Name of Person 1866 1867 1868 1869 1869 Location/Employment
Sandy Alexander1111near W H Snowden's
John Aaron1
Fenton Allen1111near Wells' store
Charles Anderson1
Alexander Ashley (Ashby)11with Henry Johnson
Lewis Anderson1
Charles Ash111
John Allen1111at Mrs Virginia Scotts'
Kenna Ashton1
Alexander Allen1at James Green's farm
George Anderson1near C. House
Jery Allen1Mason's neck
William Anderson1at J. L. Speakes'
Alick Anderson1near Colchester
Armistead Ashton1near Jno. Sweing's
John Anderson1with Harrison Otis
Charles Allen1with Richard Lacy
Aurclius Allen1at Ed. Daniel's
William Allen1at Jno Haislip's
Alexander Ashton1near S. Pomeroy's
Benjamin Anderson1Ed Daniel's land
Howard M Bell11in Mason's Neck
Charles Botts1
Benjamin F Beale1
Charles Baily (Bayley)11on Jerry Ragan's land
George Brown1
Richard Bellfield11at S. H. Snowden's
Walter Berkley11at Gum Spring
B F Beale Jr1
Baylor Beale1at W H Thornton's
Lovelace Brown111at Gum Spring
William Brown111
William H Bell111
Joseph Botts111
Alfred Bell1111near Paynters
Barney Brown111
James Burke1111at Mrs A.M. Fitzhugh's
Edmond Brooks111
Stephen Bayley (Bailey)111
John Beckwith 11above Centreville
Alfred Beckwith 1111Near Clifton
Sandy Branson 1111at Wm Briscoe's
James Branson 111Near Mrs Otterbacks
David Blackburn 1111Near Mrs Otterbacks
Thomas Bushrod 1111near Pohick Church
George Bundy 111
Samuel Banks 111
Henry Berkley 111
Nelson Berry 1111
Henry Burnside 111
John Bell 11
Mahlon Butler 11
Richard Brent 111at Farr's X Roads
Charles Brooks11Near Mrs Robertdeaus
Charles Brooks Jr 11
Garrett (Jerod)Buckner 111Gordondale Settlement
G F (J F) Beckley 11
Baily Braxton (Brackston) 111Near Accotink Mills
James Burland1
James F Bucton1
James Brooks11at Mr Robinson's farm
Armstead Bates11Near C.H. (court house)
George Broomfield11on Kincheloe's land
John Burroughs1
Charles H Barber1
Charles Barbour1on Mrs Grigsby's land
William Butts (Botts)11at C. F. Wilkins
Thomas H Bradley1
Thomas Branch1
Albert Bowles11at Barnes' Mill
Baily Beadle1
James Baines11at Centreville
Frederick Brown1
Samuel Brooks Jr1
Joshua Buckner1
Dennis Bowles11at Jno Marshall's
Charles Botts11Gordondale Settlement
Sandford Botts11at Barnes' Mill
Willoughby Bowles11at J. M. Fairfax's Shop
Daniel Bowles11
Freeland Bundy1
Peter Burns1
George W Banks1
John Bryant1
George Bateman11Near Dogue Creek
Charles Bell11at E. Mason's
Henry Bronson (Branson)11Near Mrs Otterbacks
Neil (Neill) Brown11near Accotink
Jackson Barnet1
Addison Blackburn11at C. F. Johnston's
Sampson Baltimore1
Stephen Baylor1Near Wm Trammell's
Nathaniel Brown1Gordondale Settlement
Henry Bradley1at W H Thornton's
Mahlon Butler1at Mrs Mary Somer's
William Brooks1at West End
Dennis Butler1at H C Newman's
Hayden Bass1at Wm Hunter's
John Butler1at Dr Howland's
Hillary Barnes1at Henry Truax's
Armistead Beckley1near Woodlawn
Harrison Berkley1near Woodlawn
Oscar Baker1Near Dogue Creek
Augustus Brown1at Accotink
Henry Bonley1at W H Thornton's
Richard Brodus1at Hunting Creek
Isaac Burgess1in Mason's Neck
Charles Bows1at Penny Hill
Trim Banks1at Penny Hill
Joseph M Bell1in Mason's Neck
Addison Beverley1above Centreville
Ezekiel Beverley1above Centreville
Thomas Brace1on Jerry Ragan's land
Selden Byers1Gordondale Settlement
Moses Brooks1at Mrs Johnston's
William Henry Barnes1at W. D. Davis'
Samuel Busy1with C. S. Stone
Thomas Beckton1near Fairfax Station
Alfred Beckwith1near Fairfax Station
John Blackstone1at Geo. Mason's
Frank Chambers 11
William Cole1
William Carter 111
Peter Carter 111
Robert Crawford111
John Cole 111
William Carter 111Washington's Old Mill
William Carter Sr1
Alfred Champ 111
William H Cole 11
George Cash 111
Henry Cooper 111
James H Champ 111
Frank Cheaks (Cheek) 1
Temple Cheek 11
Daniel Crump 11
Joseph Carter 111Adam Young's
Henry Clock 11
Charles Coats 11
C Crump 1
Hesikiah Conway1
Ezekiel Conway1W H Thornton's
Douglas Cooper1
Gustaves Catts1
Jefferson Champ1
Adam Cook11
Cluver Chapman1
John Cork11James Denty's
Lewis Carter1
Robert Carter11Warrington Gillingham's
James Cooper1
Baptist Carpenter1
Isaac Cary11F F Tripletts
Silas Carter11Springfield
Andrew Carpenter1
Henry Clay11S. H. Snowden's
Henry Clayburn (Claiborne)11C. F. Wilkin's
Eddie Carroll (Carll)11D Johnston's
Isaac Cole11J. McWilliams
Peter Calvert1
Ralph Carroll1
Daniel Carroll1
Joseph Chase11on James Wood's land
Alexander Clarense1
Moses Coats1
James Craig 1Mt. Vernon
Herbert Carter1Ritter's Brick yard
Sandy Clark1Dr Champan's
James Curtis1above Centreville
Grafton Cooper1Near Tho. Pulman's
Robert Carll1D Johnston's
Peter Casey1M OBrien's
Lynch Casey1A. Bruner's
Wilson Comfort1S Johnson's
Henry Coleman1Chas Johnston's
Thomas Clemens1Near C House
John Cumsey1above Centreville
Wyatt Carter1Wesley Brigham's
James Derrick 1
Nace Dade 111Gooding's land
Nathaniel Dade1
Moses Davis11W. D. Otis'
Jesse Day 111Levi Stiles'
Wesley Davis 111W. D. Otis'
John W Douglass 1
Frank Day11Barnes' Mill
Henry Davis11Clifton
James Dean1
Charles F Dean1
Thomas C Dodd1
Charles Doleman11W H Thornton's
Charles Dowman1Near Wells' Store
Humphley Davis11Washington's Old Mill
Henry W Davis11Washington's Old Mill
Nathaniel Dodson1
Nace Dodson1J. B. Dangerfield's
Henry H Davis1
Lewis Dudley11Hunting Creek
James Dent11C. Gillingham's
George Dillworth1
Samuel Davis11Thos Taylor's
John Dudley11Jno Stingess'
Gordon Diggs1
Lewis Dudley Jr1Hunting Creek
Jefferson Davis1Mrs A. M. Johnston's
John Davis1Walter Berkley's
George Davis1Near Accotink
John H Davis1Near Accotink
David Davis1Near Accotink
Lewis Dudley1Penny Hill
Henry Dickson1B Skinner's
Samuel Dodson1Jas Chase's
Samuel Davis1Washington's Old Mill
William Day1Mrs W Mills' land
Albert Davis1H. Claggett's
Crange Early1
William Early1
Dory Enderson111
Daniel Ease111
Washington Ewell11
Robert Edwards1
James H Edelin1
Winston Early1
Lewis Ennison1
Theodore Ennison1J. L. Cox's land
Henry Elgin1Mrs. Sarah Otterback's
Robert Edmonds1Oliver Pulman's
James Edmonds1Near Jno Strolan's
Isaac Edwards1D G. Watkin's
Jerry Fairfax 111
Jesse Fisher 111
Gus Fletcher 11
William Ford 1111Gum Spring
John Franklin 1111Penny Hill
Dennis Freman (Freeman) 1111Ed Daniel's
W W Ford1
William Ford1above Centreville
Peter Ford11S. H. Snowden's
William Ferguson11
Richard Frances (Francis)11Gum Spring
West Ford1
Moses Folks1
Daniel Ferguson11J. O. Kirby's
Joseph Ford1
Thomas Fields11Ravensworth
Robert Ford1
George Ford11Watson A Rector's
William Fox1Penny Hill
Thomas Fletcher1Clifton
William Fletcher1Geo Lee's
R B Fitzhugh1Clifton
Alfred Fields1H. Otis'
Wesley Ford1Mt Vernon
French Fauntleroy1C. Gillingham's
Robert Fitzhugh1Accotink
Dennis Ferguson1Robert Wiley's
Peter Fox1Hunting Cr. Bridge
Alfred Gibson 1
Nelson Gibson 11
Henry Goings 111
Alfred Grey 111
Horace Gibson 111
Thornton Grey 111
Charles Gaskins 1111Near Fairfax Station
Daniel Griffin 1111On Bridge Road
John Griffin 111
John Grey (Gray) 111
James Gray1
Enoch Grayson 111Dennis Johnston's
Frederick Grace 11
William Grey 1
John Grey 11Penny Hill
John Gray Jr1
Strother Gibson 11
Thornton Grey 1
Jarett Garrett 1
Jerod (Jerry) Gantt11Accotink Mills
Tasco (Tascoe) Gaskins 11
Edward Green 1
Thornton Gray Jr1
Henry Gaskins1
Richard Gillam1
Edward Gibson1
Albert Green11Ed. Daniel's land
David Gaskins11Centreville
Clifton Garland1
Albert Gordon1
James Gantt11C. F Wilkin's land
Eugene Green1
John Gordon11Ritter's Brickyard
Stanfield Gaskins1
Glascoe Gaskins11Near Fairfax Station
John Gheen1
Thomas Goings1
Berkly (Berkley) Graves (Groves)11on Isaacs Halls' land
John Gale1
Willoughby Grenage1Jas McWilliams'
Edmund Gibson1
Shirley Grayson1
Tasker Gaskins1Near Fairfax Station
Archibald Gillian1Ed. Daniel's land
William Gibbons1J. L. Detwiler's
Robert Gaskins1Centreville
Thomas Gaskins1Barnes' Mill
Hiram Ganett1Thos Burke's
Tapley Gaskins1Fairfax Station
John Green1Woodlawn
Thomas Ganett1Accotink Mills
Isaac Golden1N. Burke's
Silas Harris 111Near Clifton
James Henshaw 111
John Harris 1111Near James Green's
Richard Harris 1111above Centreville
Jesse Harris 1111above Centreville
Jesse Harris Jr1
Sandy Harris 1111James Green's
Silas Harris11Dr M. V. B. Bogan's
Edward Harris 1111Geo. Mason's
Obid (Obed) Harris 1111above Centreville
Moses Harris 1111above Centreville
Obid Harris Jr 111
Nimrod Harris1111on James Murtaugh's
Elijah Harris1111above Centreville
Charles Harris111
George Harris1111above Centreville
Anthony Harris1111above Centreville
Edward Harris1
Edward Harris Jr11
William Harris1111above Centreville
Silas Harris11
William Harris1111Clifton
William Harris Jr11
Jackson Hughes (Hughs)111
Jackson Holland111
William Holland111
William Howland1Near Accotink
George Holland1111Lewis Gillingham
William Hunter11
William Hamilton11
John Height (Hight)11
William Horan1
Jackson Hughes11Gordondale Settlement
Jackson Hughs Jr1
John Holland111Mrs Broders'
William Hamilton1
William Hamilton Jr1
Joseph Harris11Near James Green's
Henry Harris Sr1
Henry Harris1above Centreville
Henry Harris1Geo Lee's farm
Joshua Harris Jr1
William Horan1
William Henderson11Jonathan Roberts'
Isaac Holmes1
Charles Humphreys11J. Ballinger's
Jackson Hunter1
Benjamin Henderson1
Henry N Harris1
Henry Hunter1
Frank Haelstork1
Henry Hill11Jno Seaton's land
Harday Harris1
Joseph Hill11C. Gillingham's
George Holland11P H Troth's
Edward Holland1
Joseph Harris1
John Hoston1
Major Hunter1
Paul Hace1
John Halbert1
Jackson Hampton1
John Harris11above Centreville
Vincent Hall1
Edward Hartman1
Edward Heath11E. Daniel's land
Henry Harris1
Charles Hunter11Near C. House
Lewis Harris1Wesley Brighams
Peter Hutchinson1Lucas' Brickyard
John Harper1Gordondale Settlement
William Hicks1
Taliaferro Holmes1Penny Hill
Pendleton Harris1above Centreville
Alexander Harris1above Centreville
Samuel Henderson1above Centreville
John Hill1Penny Hill
Robert Holland1Penny Hill
Charles Hemmsley1Mason's Neck
Thomas Harris1Jno Marshall's
John Hampton1Dr M. V. B. Bogan's
Thompson Hicks1Near J Haislip's
Paul Hall1Mrs. V. Scott's land
Moses Hartshorn1J R Collard's
John Harris1near Fairfax Station
John Hawkins1J. Ballinger's
John Holland1Accotink
David Humphrey1Levi Stiles'
John Jacobs1
Jerre (Jerry) Jackson111
Austin Jasper111Near Thompson Javins
Washington Jefferson111Near C. A. Arundle's
Henry Jasper11R. W. Smith's
William Jackson111Near Burke's Sta.
William Jones111Dr Howland's
Thomas Jones11
Tecumseh Jackson111above Centreville
Lewis Jackson111Isaac Richards'
Andrew Jackson111Accotink
Andrew Jackson (No 2)1
Andrew Jackson (No 3)1
Andrew Jackson (No 4)1
Jessee Jones11
Frederick Jackson11Gum Spring
Fred R Jackson1
Fred Jackson1Near C House
Moses Johnson (Johnston)1111Dr Begelow's
Esan (Esaw) Jackson111
Jesse Jordon1111Mrs Sarah Otterback's
Andrew Jackson11
Benjamin Johnson11
John Jacobs1111Near Fairfax Sta.
Jesse Jordon Sr11
Jesse Jordon Jr11
Charles Jordon1111Near Washington's Old Mill
Alonzo Jordon1111Gum Spring
Thomas Jackson1111near J. S. Collard's
Tobias (Toby) Jefferson1111W H Gooding's
Andrew Jackson11
Richard Johns11
Richard Jones1Mrs C. E. Lee's
Armstead Johnson111Woodlawn
William Jordon1
William Jasper11near J. S. Collard's
William Jackson1
Robert Johnson1
Richard Jasper1
Griffin Johnson1
Henry Johnson No 21
Charles Johnson (Johnston)11E. Daniel's land
Thornton Jones11Dr Howland's
Thomas Jefferson11Near Adam Young's
William Johnson1
George Johnson (Johnston) 11E. Grayson's
Gabriel Johnson (Johnston)11M. McKuen's land
John Johnson (Johnston)11Mason's Neck
Lewis James1
Ephraim Jasper1
George Jones11above Centreville
Benjamin Johnson (Johnston)11E. R. Ford's land
Loranzo Johnson1
Edward Johnson1
Alfred Jackson11Mt Hapburn
Alfred Jackson Jr1
Alfred Jackson1Mrs Ann Johnston's
Alfred Jackson1Jno. Haislip's
William Jordon1
Wiltshire Jennings1W. Henderson's
Jesse Jones1Gordondale Settlement
Samuel Jones1Dr Begelow's
Emanuel Johnston1E. R. Ford's land
Richard Johnston1Near Caple's mill
Thomas Jackson1G. Reinecker
Thomas Jones1Dr J. R. Pugh's
John Jackson1Mrs A. Mitchell's
Henry Jones1Mrs Broders'
Thomas Johnston1M OBrien's
Frank Johnson1Mrs Mary Somers'
Nathan Johnson1Mt Vernon
Silas Jackson1N. Burke's
Alfred Jasper1Accotink
Amos Johnston1Accotink
Archy Johnston1Mrs A. Fitzhugh's
George Jaskson1J. M. Fairfax's
Solomon Jordon1Near Fairfax Sta.
Dennis Jones1Ravensworth
Thomas Jackson1A. Arnold's
John King11Washington's old Mill
Robb (Robert) King11at Jno. Young's
Elias Kigh (Keigh) (Keye)1111Near Keen's old Mill
Judge Kelsey1Gordondale Settlement
Henry Kirby1C. Lukens'
Jerry Kane1Wm L Lee's
Alexander Lee1111Dr M V B Bogan's
S A (S K) Lee1111Mason's Neck
George Lamb1
Isaac Lee1111Ed. Daniels'
Reuben Lee1111Mrs Leah Wrenn's
Charles Lear111
David Lyons111
George Lear11
Edward Lee11
Inman Lomax1
Lucas Warner1
Tapley Lee1
Alfred Lucket1
Allen Lott1
Andrew Lee11Wm Briscoe's
Isaac Lee1
George Lee1
Andrew Lee No 21
Charles Leonard11W. Henderson's
Benjamin Luby1
Powell Luby1
Henry Lyles1Jos Chauncey's
John B Lewis1Mrs Otterback's land
Tony Lynch1Philip Howard's
Henry Lanham1J. M. Springman's
William Langston1J H Rice's
William Lucas1J H Sweeny's
Henry Lee1Near Ed Wilson's
Washington Lloyd1Miss Polly Scarce's
Edward Massey (Massie)111
Edward Massie Sr1
Jackson Morten (Morton)(Molten)1111Burke's Station
Thomas Marshall11W H Gooding's
Frank Moore1111Near DeNike's
George Moore1111W Gillingham's
Douglass Mundy (Monday)111
Nelson Mason111J. Patton's
Edward Massey Jr1
Charles Murry1
Simon Mack111G. P. Wright's
Reuben Morton11
Martin Mellontree111B. Ward's
James Maddison1
Peter Modley (Medley)11Ed Daniel's
William McGee1
Benjamin Mason11Jerry Ragan's
Lewis Malvin1
Daniel Mason1
Jesse Montgomery11W. H. Snowden's
William Mundle1
Mack Montgomery1
Frank McGreen1
Warner May (Mays)11Mt Vernon
Robert Mosby1J. J. Newcomb's
Warner Melvin1Richard Vowles'
James Monroe1J. D. Smith's
Charles Monroe1Thompson Jarvin's
Michael Minor1G. Reinecker's
Thomas Miller1Jno DeBell's
William Monroe1J. P. Barlow's
Samuel Marbury1N Burke's
John Mason1Mrs Hull's
Dennis Mason1Wm Hemmersley's
Charles McKinney1Jno Young's
Henry Mays1Mt Vernon
Thomas Mitchell1Mt Vernon
Valentine Montgomery1Charles Way's
John Mann1Mrs. Allison's
Joshua Murray1Near C House
Joseph Moore1Near C House
William McDowell1Penny Hill
John Morris1H McWilliams'
William Morton1Gordondale Settlement
Jesse Morton1T. M. Grigsby's
William Majors1Penny Hill
Edward Nelson111
William Norris111Anandale
Peter Nickens1111Mrs Otterback's
Alfred Napper1111D Johnston's
Henry Neil11
Frank Napper111Hayfield
William Napper11
James Napper11
Samuel Napper111Charles Potter's
Robert Nelson11Near Mrs Broder's
Benjamin Nailer (Naylor)11above Centreville
Mason Newton1
James Nickens1
Cornelius Nailer1
Horace Nash1
Joseph Nelson1S R Johnston's
Jacob Newman1near Accotink
Richard Owens111Philip Lee's
Fred Offit1
Moses Parker111
Loney (Sony)(Leone) Parker1111W Henderson's
Jacob Parker1111C. F. Taylor's
William Pierson (Pearson)11
Vincent Parker111
Jack Pierson (Pearson)111
Charles Pierson (Pearson)1111Near Burke's Station
Joshua Pierson (Pearson)1111Near Burke's Station
Jesse Privy111
William Payne111
Peter Payne1111Geo Wright's
Nathan Pinn111
James Pierson (Pearson)11
James Pierson (Pearson) Jr11
Henry Payne11
Thomas Pollard11
Charles Parker111H G Otis'
Henry Pratt11
John Pierson (Pearson)111Burke's Station
John Parker11
Albert Payne11H. L. Croson's
George Pendleton11Near Elisha Denty's
Randall Payne11S. H. Snowden's
Henry Parker1
Edward Parks1
Warner Peyton (Patton)11R K Lee'
John Proctor11Near Mill P. Scarce's
Alexander Page11T. M. Grigsby's
Moses Penhick1Charles Johnston's
Anderson Pryor1above Centreville
Samuel Payne1C. F. Wilkin's
Henry Proctor1Washington's old Mill
George A Parker1
Henry Pairr1Mason's Neck
Spencer Pentze1Wesley Grigham's
Henry Porter1J. S. Marder's
Isaac Peyton1Near C House
Jacob Parker1C. F. Taylor's
William Page1G Runeiker's
Alls (Awles) Quander11
Richard Quander111
James Quander11
James E Quander1H. Truax's
Joshua Quander11
Felix Quander111Washington's old Mill
John Quill1Jas S. Collard's
Henry Quander1Mrs A M Johnson's
John P Quander1Store
Oscar Quander1near Woodlawn
Isaac Richards1111W H Gooding's
Alfred Robinson1111Obed Harris'
John Robinson111
Trobis (Tolus) Riley111
Asbury Robinson111
Willis Randolph1111A & Accotink Road
Levi Richardson11
Geo H Richardson11
Washington Rich1
Wilson Robinson1
John Round1
Jack Richardson1
Henry Richardson1
W H Russell1
William Henry Russell1W. L. Lee's
John Ransler1
John Ransill (Ransell)11W H Gooding's
Levi Richardson1
Peyton Randall11Mrs A. M. Johnston's
Benjamin Rogers1
Tasco Robertson1above Centreville
Berry Robinson1Jas Green's
William Robertson1Penny Hill
Washington Robertson1Penny Hill
Daniel Roy1A & Accotink Road
William Robertson1Lucas' Brickyard
Boston Reddy1M. McCuen's land
Nathan Ray1Mason's Neck
George Reels1Mason's Neck
John Round1J Gilverton's
Frederick Russell1Lee's Toll gate
Alex Robertson1S R Johnston's
John Ransom1Mrs A. M. Johnston's
Jackson Richardson1Adam Young's
Edward Richardson1Mrs Otterback
Reuben Redd1Mason's Neck
Ezekiel Redley1E Daniel's
James Simms111
Henry Simms111
Thomas Simms111
Oscar Smith111
Samuel Strother111
John Scott111
James Seals11
Daniel Simms1111D. G. Walkins
John Stewart111
Lewis Smith111
Albert Summers (Somers)111
Simon Studding111
William Simms11
Albert Stewart (Stuart)1111A & Accotink Road
Thornton Shelton111Woodlawn
Lewis Smith11
James Scott111Jno Haislip's
Wilson Scott111Ship Wright's
Lewis Sweating (Sweeting)11
James Scott1
Thomas Stokes1
William Scrugs (Scruggs)11Centreville
James S Starks1
Frank Smith1
Andrew Stallion1
William Smock (Smocks)11Wm Hammersley's
Richard Smith1
Traverse Stokes1
Humphrey Summers1
Summerfield Sincor1
Daniel Smith1
James H Smith1
Spencer Stokes1
George Stuart11D Howland's
Richard Smith Sr1
Sutton (Seddon)Shepherd11Flynn's land
Jony Stoke1
Armstead Smith11C. F. Johnson's
William Smith11above Centreville
Porter Smith1
John Starks1
Henry Smith1
Lewis Smith11Kincheloe's land
Eli Simpson11B Ward's
Wiley Smith1Mrs Brodus'
Frank Stuart1D. Johnston's
Henry Stuart1Adam Martin's
Addison Sorrell1Telegraph road
Dandridge Smith1Woodlawn
John Sawyer1J T Cox's land
Robert Scott1E. O. Bett's
Jesse Smith1D P Smith's
Alfred Smith1Jno Roger's
George A Smith1Mrs A M Johnson's
Travis Sorrell1Near C House
William T Short1Accotink
Edmond Taylor111
Charles Tebbs1
Frank Turner111
B M Turner1
William Thompson11
Neil (Neale) Triplett1111Samuel Pulman's
Moses Taylor111
William Thomas11
William Thompson111Anandale
William Thompson Jr1
Solomon Tibbs (Tebbs)111Near C House
John Tolson111Accotink Mill
Hudson Thomas11
James Thorn (Thom)11
Moses Taylor11T. J. Lowe's
Moses Taylor Jr1
Elijah Timbers1
Henson Thomas11Accotink Mill
Robert Thompson1
Alexander Thompson1
Randall Turner11D Johnston's
Thorna Tebbs1
Harrison Thornton1
Bassil Turner1
Charles Tebbs1
John Tenorer1
Samuel Taylor1
Thomas H Taylor1
Robert Toliver1
Robert Tucker1
George Thomas11Quander's Store
James Taylor1
Richard Turner11Near C. House
Richard Turner Jr1
Thomas Tebbs Jr1
Thomas Tebbs1Near C. House
Richard Tebbs1
Harrison Thornton1P. Luken's
Frederick Tebbs1P. Luken's
Edward Taylor1Samuel Pulman's
Cornelius Triplett1D Johnston's
Jesse Triplett1D Johnston's
Lewis Turner1Dr Bigelow's
Nathaniel Turner1Penny Hill
Martin Thompson1Penny Hill
John Taylor1Penny Hill
Barney Taylor1Geo Mason's
William Tucker1C House
Jeff Turner1near C. House
Nelson Temple1Jno Haislip's
Richard Thompson1Flynn's land
William Taylor1H McWilliam's
Henry Vaugn1
Thomas Vaugn1Mrs Broders'
Thomas Wright11
James Washington111
John Withers111
Samuel Wilford (Willford)111
Strother Webb111
Alfred Williams1111Dr Bigelow's
Reuben Wallace111
Charles Winkfield (Wingfield)1111Mrs Otterback's
Peyton Williams111
Henly (Henry) Williams111
Alfred Williams11
Alfred Williams Jr1
George Washington111Mrs A M Fitzhugh's
James Washington111Near Geo Mason's
James Washington Jr11
James Washington1Near C Arundle's
Thomas Whiting11
Mack West11
Robert Williams11
Samual Williams11
Neil B Watson11
Harknus (Harckness) Wooddy (Woody)11
Barney Williams11
Alfred Whaley111Germantown
Charles Weight1
Isaac Williams1
Thomas Wells1
Lewis Willis1
George White11James Buckley's
Haniball (Hannibal) Whelby (Whigby)11James Wrenn's
David Washington1
Addison White11H Snowden's
Isaac Wilsey1
George Wanger1
Sandy Wilson1
Daniel Williams1
Henry Washington1
Lewis Washington1
James Whitely (Whitley)11Accotink
Lloyd Washington1
George Williams1
James R Williams1
James K Williams1C. Lukens'
James Watts1
William Williams11Jno Haislip's
Carter White1West End
Barnett Williams1Harrison Otis'
John Westford1Mt Vernon
Isaac Wood1Washington's old Mill
Philip Wood1Washington's old Mill
Washington Whiting1West End
Harry Washington1Mrs Otterback's
George Wiley1Richard Lacey's
Richard Wharton1E. O. Betts'
Samuel Williams & William Day2Centreville Road
Joseph Washington1Dr Bigelow's
Renno Ward1Lucas' Brickyard
Isaac Washington1Jerome Linton's
Caton West1William Hunter's
Reuben Winston1Mrs Somers'
Simon Winston1Mrs Somers'
Fielding Wilson1W H Gooding's
Martin Williams1S Kitson's
Thornton J Wanser1William Ellzey's land
Duke Williams1F Magruder's
Lewis Williams1Jerry Ragan's
George Weaver1Jerry Ragan's
W H Young1
William N Young1Adam Young's
Isaac Young1

Fairfax Personal Property Tax Ledger 1869
Portion of the Fairfax County Personal Property Tax Ledger from 1869