Slave Marriages
in Northern Virginia
by Debbie Robison
October 18, 2014
Freedmen's Bureau MarriageAfter the Civil War, the Freedmen's Bureau issued marriage certificates to former slaves to document marriages entered into during enslavement. Laws were enacted in Virginia in 1866 that legalized these marriages. Following is a list of couples who were married, for the most part, during enslavement in northern Virginia.


Marriage of a Colored Soldier at Vicksburg by Chaplain Warren of the Freedmen's Bureau, by Alfred Waud, published in the June 30, 1866 Harper's Weekly. Image Courtesy Library of Congress


Northern Virginia Slave Marriages
Husband Wife Residence Marriage Date Clergy No. Children
George Shilton Susan Jasper Alexandria 1860 Rev. Dr. Porter 3
Robert Dent Anna Willis Alexandria 1863 1
Geroge Primrose Silvia Williams Fairfax CH 1857 No marriage ceremony 5
Thomas Blackburn Harriet Masterson Fairfax Co. 1852 Rev. Mr. Morgan 6
Andrew Mann Emerline Bertis Fairfax Co. 1858 0
Douglas Jones Rena Jones Fairfax Co. 1859 Mr. Shepherd 1
Vincent Garner Julia Clark Fairfax Co. 1855 George Lomax 2
Simpson Williams Joanna Hawley Fairfax Co. 1838 No marriage ceremony 6
William Stewart Melvina Fox Fairfax Co. 1857 No marriage ceremony 9
William Parker Octavo Smith Fairfax Co. 1854 No marriage ceremony 6
Charles Payton Georganna White Fairfax Co. 1860 No marriage ceremony 2
George Sueus Adaline Whaley Fairfax Co. 1861 No marriage ceremony 0
John Lucket Amanda Williams Fairfax Co. 1857 Mr. Brown 5
Bryant Sonn Ann Harris Fairfax Co. 1862 William Hamilton 2
John Gorden Jane Holland Fairfax Co. 1867 Mr. Wright 0
Lewis Richardson Harriet Jones Fairfax Co. 1837 No marriage ceremony 6
Ben Whitaker Kate Jones Fairfax Co. 1847 Mr. Clark 7
Albert Jackson Henrietta Ward Loudoun Co. 1845 Rev. Mr. Grover 6
Joseph McPherson Adalade Tremble Loudoun Co. 1846 Rev. Mr. Grover 0
Samuel Countee Eliza Hunt Loudoun Co. 1845 Rev. Mr. Martin 3
Isaac Diggs Letty Smith Loudoun Co. 1825 1
Henry Sweney Ella Buxton Loudoun Co. 1862 1
Charles Grant Anna Watson Loudoun Co. 1863 No marriage ceremony 0
James Robinson Kate Williams Prince William Co. 1841 unknown 4
Phil Davis Betty Warner Prince William Co. 1821 7
John Webb Harriett Jackson Prince William Co. 1841 6
Thomal Mills Cal. Richardson Prince William Co. 1860 3
Edward James Emily Fitchew Prince William Co. 1855 4
Thomas Clark Sarah Fitchew Prince William Co. 1854 4
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